Friday, April 15, 2005

A Vegetarian Strand

Apparently my vegetarianism is influencing Liz's family a bit. Her brothers like to tease me about it. In fact, they often tell me they don't know if they'll ever be able to forgive me for such a crime against humanity, much like how they can't forgive their brother, Brent, for putting juice on his cereal. But her brother Robby just realized that vegetarianism is in his hair.

"I have a vegetarian strand," he said. "1) I don't really like ham, so it wouldn't be that hard to give up and 2) I care about my body and I don't want to get fat. So when I get old I'm going to turn into a vegetarian. I don't want to, but I'm going to. And I really don't want to."

So he wanted me to know that the reason he teases me about it is because when he becomes a vegetarian he can't tease me anymore, so he has to do it now. That makes sense, right?

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