Thursday, April 07, 2005

A little stressed

I'm starting to feel really overwhelmed with everything tonight. I'm behind on the documentation for my Senior Project class (and I'm expected to have a weekly report for that class by noon tomorrow). We just planned out the next project in my Team Software Engineering class. I can never seem to get time during the work day to call the people I need to in order to finish my mission papers. I found out that my medical insurance may run out before I can get my second Hepatitis shot. And it's really starting to hit me just how close I am to the end of the semester and the end of my time with GE, and how much stuff I have to do before then. On top of that, my Internet access is acting up a bit. Normally I'd be out swing dancing, but the folks in charge of Swing Kids had some sort of medical emergency and swing club was cancelled. So I don't have that outlet for my stress. Liz also had to stay at school and get some group work done, so I don't even get to see her tonight. It's getting pretty tough.

I have 23 incomplete tasks on my to-do list, 9 of which are high priority. I have 62 emails flagged for followup that I haven't had time to take a second look at. I'm starting to get very stressed.
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