Saturday, April 30, 2005


Well, our senior project is over with. I think I passed, even though we got, like, second-to-last on demo day. Yesterday I got a whole bunch of stuff done, including getting my second hepatitis shot (in preparation for my mission), and I figured it'd be great to take Liz to watch a movie at my dad's house to celebrate. Unfortunately, it looks like I got the same flu that my brother Casey had a few days ago. He threw up about seven times in one night when he had it. Getting the hepatitis shot probably gave my immune system a bit of a shock, too. So I went from feeling great to feeling uneasy to feeling sick at my stomach to feeling sick in general to throwing up, over the course of a few hours. Unfortunately, this happened after I'd already taken Liz to Dad's house. So we went ahead and watched the movie (A Series of Unfortunate Events), even though we couldn't cuddle, and I had to crouch under three blankets to stay warm and I had to run off to the bathroom now and then to puke. Then I didn't feel strong enough to drive Liz home, much less myself, so I stayed at Dad's house and my dad took Liz home.

I somehow managed not to throw up once I got in bed last night. In fact, I slept until 2 PM. I still feel sick, but at least now my stomach feels okay. Now I'm supposed to baptize my little brother, Cy, in a couple of hours, and I don't know if I'm up to the task. Wish me luck.
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