Monday, January 28, 2008

Talks, calling and releasing

Liz and I were asked to give talks in church yesterday, and since we were already part of two special musical numbers, we basically dominated the meeting. That was kind of weird.

There was a reorganization in our ward's Elders Quorum yesterday. As usual, I had met with the Stake Presidency previously. They had told me that the new future Elders Quorum President had asked to have me be his first counselor, and asked if I would accept this calling. I said yes, so yesterday I was called, sustained, and later set apart in my new calling. I still don't have any idea what to expect from it, but I guess it will give me a lot more opportunities for Adventures in Mormondom. Due to the personal nature of some of the things I'll be doing, though, I'm not sure if I'll feel free to share much publicly on the blog. We'll see.

Later last night, we began getting text messages informing us that President Gordon B. Hinckley had passed away. I was present at the General Conference section immediately after the death of the Pope John Paul II back in 2005, where President Hinckley gave some very tender praise to the then-recently-passed Catholic leader. I hope that at least those parts of the world who notice the passing of this church leader will likewise have kind words to say, although the church has a mere 13 million members.

Are Mormons in general, and Mitt Romney in particular, going to use his death to gain publicity for our religion? No. Let us mourn.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Back in the Saddle

I've decided it's time to start writing again, now that I'm starting to get the hang of life. Much has happened since last I wrote. Here are the main points (in roughly the order in which they occurred):
  • I got engaged
  • I got a job
  • I got an apartment
  • I got married
  • I got a car
I'll likely mention the specifics of these events in more detail in future postings, but I decided to use this one just to get the ball rolling.

Now, what current event should I talk about? Hmmm.... Here's one. Has anybody heard of hard disk space just kind of disappearing on Windows Vista? Here's the thing: Vista says my C: drive has 65.4 GB used, but if I check either using the folder properties window or other software that analyzes disk usage, I'm only using about 49 GB. So somehow my computer is using 15 GB of disk space that's not in files. Puzzling. That's a whopping 33% of the amount I'm really using.

That'll do for this posting. I'm sure to have more in the near future. Check back often.