Sunday, May 08, 2005


(I look like such a goofball)

Well, I'm pretty much graduated now. I got my little diploma cover and everything. Of course, it'll be a couple of months before they actually send me a diploma, but I'm pretty sure I covered all my bases as far as getting my requirements out of the way. Wouldn't it be terrible to find out a couple of months after commencement and graduation that you didn't graduate after all?

My family waiting for me to walk.

I decided not to go to commencement (the entire University), and instead went to the Convocation for the College of Engineering. Even so, it took soooo long. I felt sorry for my family, having to sit through all of that just to see me get a diploma case. And then it occurred to me that they were the reason I was there, and not the other way around. So I felt sorry for me instead. ;-)

Now, to enjoy my free time!
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