Monday, May 16, 2005


When I was in my interview with the Stake President a couple of weeks ago, he mentioned that my doctor's recommendation listed me as having O+ blood. I was sort of afraid of that. What it means is that now I'm going to feel bad if I don't give blood. I really hate needles. It's just not natural to stick something into your body like that. I hated getting my hepatitis shots. But I realize that it's really important that they always have enough blood, and that my blood type is really important for them to have. So I went today when my stake was doing a blood drive, and gave blood. My wonderful girlfriend, Liz, came to lend me courage and read me funny headlines out of a book she has. It all went really well. I feel fine. And I got a cool T-shirt.

Now I'm back home, and I'm going to continue cleaning up my room while Liz fills out job applications. Fun stuff.

Saith the Post-Donation and Call-Back Instructions:
A rainbow of color may occur for about 10 days

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