Sunday, May 08, 2005

Atom feeds

For those who aren't up on the latest and greatest technology stuff, I have great news! Blogger uses Atom feeds! Isn't that exciting? Oh, you don't know what that means. What it means is this: there are some cool and exciting ways to check my Blog, if you're willing to step outside that comfort bubble for a moment.

First of all, if you download and install Mozilla Firefox (which is a much better browser than Internet Explorer), you will be able to glance at my blog entries from your bookmarks to see if there's anything new, like this:

To do this, visit my blog in Firefox, and then follow the directions for Adding Live Bookmarks here.

Thunderbird will even let you download my blog entries along with your email, and read them at your leisure, like this:

This is slightly more complicated, but if you follow the directions under "Creating an RSS News and Blogs Account" here, you should be ok. When you are asked for feed's location, type:
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