Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Hawai'i pictures!

I got back from Hawaii on Saturday, but between jetlag recovery, work, church, and spending time with Liz, I haven't been able to compile the pictures until just recently. There are actually some more pictures than the ones that I have now, but for now I've put together collections of some of the best pictures from our digital cameras, along with comments, and put them into slide shows. You have two versions to choose from:
  • The web-based version is a good way to quickly browse through the pictures. The pictures here are relatively small.
  • This zip file contains larger versions of each of these pictures, plus a program to view the pictures in a slide show. To start the slide show, unzip the file, then run PicasaCD.exe in the Hawaii folder.
The pictures posted below are just a sample of all the pictures you'll find in the above collections. But hurry! Some day I may need to delete those files to free up web server space, and then you'd actually have to contact me to get the pictures! Perish the thought.

Of course, if you'd like even higher quality versions of these photos (like, to print photo-quality pictures from), or if you want to see some of the many pictures that didn't make it into this collection, let me know.
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