Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Dias del amor

Yesterday was the first Valentines Day that I wasn't lonely and single for. You know what? It rocks. I mean, for one thing, our dating anniversary was on February 13, so this weekend was very special for that reason. We celebrated that on Saturday (see Liz's blog for more details, and my last couple of entries for pictures). Then yesterday we had an absolutely awesome Valentines Day. I love how we can just sit and cuddle and talk about anything, for any number of hours. I also love how she'd rather just spend quality time with me than have jewelry, flowers, or anything else. That's a really good thing because I didn't have any gifts ready in time for our anniversary or even Valentines. This afternoon her first gift will be ready: a really nice mattress and box springs for her bed. She's been complaining about how she can feel the boards of her bed through her mattress, and she had to rotate the mattress the other day because you could see an imprint where she lays down. It's no wonder she always needs backrubs! So I figured that since I'm going on a mission soon and won't be able to give her backrubs, she should at least have a decent bed. The other gift I'm giving her will be a little item of jewelry for her to remember me by, but we're waiting until we can go shopping and she can pick out the one she wants herself.

Liz was a little better about getting me gifts on time. Her first gift for me was a gift card to Deseret Book so that when we find out where I'm going on my mission I can get a CTR ring in that language. She is having CleanFlicks edit a copy of Braveheart for me, so that we can watch it together any time. It's my favorite movie of all time, but it's rated R for a reason ("brutal medieval warfare"), so it's not up to her standards. This way we get the best of both worlds. That should be ready in a couple of weeks. She also gave me a cute little heart puzzle card... I guess I'll just show you a picture of it later.

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