Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Adventures in Logan

Liz and I went up to Logan to see Frankie Manning Saturday. The guy's 90 years old and still teaching dancing! Unfortunately, about 15 minutes out of Logan, the bolt holding the brake calipers in place over my rotor fell out, causing the calipers to scrape up against the wheel rim. It wasn't pretty, and it didn't sound pretty either. Fortunately Liz remembered to pray as we were leaving Salt Lake City, so the bolt happened to fall off just as we were practically stopped, right next to the nearest gas station in miles. And the folks at the gas station were kind enough not to have my car towed. And Liz happened to have a couple of cousins in town, one of which (Pam) was one of her best friends. They hadn't really been in touch in quite a while, so it was a really neat opportunity for them to spend some time together. We all went to catch the last bit of the dance, and then spent the night at Liz's cousin's house.

Logan is a very, very Mormon town, and there wasn't anyplace open Sunday that could fix my car, or that even had the right bolt. So instead of fixing the car Sunday, we went to church with Liz's cousin (Pam). Where we went, they had 4 different LDS churches, all right next to each other. It was weird. Anyway, I spent that night at Liz's other cousin's apartment because part of the school code at BYU, where Liz is going to school right now, says that she isn't allowed to sleep in the same house with a member of the opposite sex that's not her own family. The night before, it was a bit of an emergency, but Sunday we had time to make other arrangements.

Monday morning I had the car towed to a repair shop, who told me they'd call when they were done. They didn't (call, that is), but I called them and found out they were done later in the afternoon, so we were able to leave. We made it back to Salt Lake City safely (apparently we just missed a huge snow storm), and boy did it feel good to brush my teeth and take a shower again!

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