Sunday, February 20, 2005


I spoke with my dad the other day regarding my mission. He doesn't really think that I should serve one, but since he knows that it is important to me he has promised to pay a good chunk of the expenses. That's a big relief for me. Mom really wants to pay a big chunk too, but I don't know how I feel about that. She doesn't really build risk management into her spending habits, which means the little unexpected expenses tend to hit her hard. Right now she's barely skimming by but for some reason she always thinks that she'll be able to handle more expenses in a few months. It never really turns out that way. She's been getting better, but I really think adding a big monthly expense isn't a good idea right now. I'll need to pray about it and talk with her.

As for now, I'm trying to save my money and get done with school. I haven't spent as much time on school work as I really should be because Liz and I have been spending a lot of time together. Not that I'm complaining; we've only got a couple of weeks to really spend together. A week from this Thursday I'll be going on a vacation to Hawaii with my dad's family. Liz and I have decided that that's going to be the best time for us to make the final step back to prepare for my mission. At that point we won't cuddle, we'll only hold hands if we're walking, and hugging will be extremely limited. We'll also start spending less time together and focus on other aspects of our lives. The hope is that when the time comes for me to leave on my mission, we will already have dealt with a lot of the separation issues.

Anyway, I need to get to church now, but keep an eye on this website for more updates. I'll be sure to take lots of pictures in Hawaii! Also, if you see anything you like on the google ads at the side of the screen, please click on them. I actually get money from them if enough people click on them.

Let me leave you with some lyrics I really like from a Casting Crowns album that I bought recently:
Father, hear my prayer
I need the perfect words
Words that he will hear
And know they're straight from You
I don't know what to say
I only know it hurts
To see my only friend slowly fade away

So maybe this time I'll speak the words of life
With Your fire in my eyes
But that old familiar fear is tearing at my words
What am I so afraid of?

'Cause here I go again
Talkin 'bout the rain
And mulling over things that won't live past today
And as I dance around the truth
Time is not his friend
This might be my last chance to tell him
That You love Him
But here I go again, here I go again

Lord, You love him so, You gave Your only Son
If he will just believe; he will never die
But how then will he know what he has never heard
Lord he has never seen mirrored in my life
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