Sunday, January 24, 2016

Thank God for Clothing

Today I am grateful for clothes.

Clothing is something that people in First World countries typically have plenty of. My wife and I hate shopping, and we do as little of it as we can get away with. Yet somehow, it seems we've always got at least a few items to donate whenever a donation truck comes by looking for clothes. We are by no means extravagant--we typically shop at the same thrift stores that we donate our clothing to--but we definitely have far more clothing than we really need. I count myself very fortunate, because there are a lot of people in the world who make do with little or no clothing.

Even if we ignore the impact that clothing has on our outward appearance, let's consider the practical survival impact of clothing. Having a clean change of clothes is a crucial factor in avoiding lice and various skin diseases. When working, clothing can protect us from scratches and other wounds. Most importantly, in many climates, having proper clothing is a necessity for survival, as it protects us from cold weather that could otherwise be lethal.

If you dress in layers, clothing can be adjustable: you can remove some articles if you start feeling too warm, or add layers if you're feeling cold. You can save money and natural resources by adjusting your thermostat to a moderate temperature and using clothing to regulate your comfort level.

Clothing does not require batteries, a plug outlet, or fuel. In a major emergency, you may have to go without heating, power, or water, but your clothing will keep on functioning. How cool is that?

Tell me why you're thankful for clothing in the comments below.

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