Friday, August 21, 2009

Mike Leavitt on "Co-ops"

I just read this informative article by Utah's former Governor Leavitt. I agree with a lot of what he says. Liberals seem to act like a vote against Obama's plan is a vote against healthcare reform. I can see why they say this, since Obama's plan is the only plan that has any chance of getting passed anytime in the next several years. However, it's not like conservatives are just plugging their ears and saying, "No, things are just fine as they are." Everybody who knows anything about the debate seems to agree that healthcare reform is necessary, but conservatives and liberals have a different idea about how it should be done. I have yet to be convinced by either side, but I'm leaning to the right at the moment. Does anybody have convincing evidence (not "arguments," but actual "evidence") that one side or the other is right? Please post a response if you do.


Bryce Beattie said...

Well, evidence abounds about the dangers of socialized medicine - lines, quality of care, etc.

A couple of health care reform I would like to see:

1) Legalize insurance policy sales across state lines. Right now, the competition is limited to the insurers that set up shop in your state. Nationwide plans would provide better competition, and more choices for the consumer.

2) Give direct tax credits to doctors who choose to give medical service for those who can't afford to pay. Poor, uninsured people could get care. The doctors would have a reason to give that care, and it would keep government fingers out of the money. Some estimates state that only 50% of the money that goes to medicare is spent on actual patient care. 50% then goes to administrate costs & government waste. Allowing the doctors to deduct that cost of free care would mean 100% of that money (even though it's in the form of lost tax revenue) goes to patients.

Hope things are going well with the baby, James. Take care.

Scott McCarty said...

I don't know if you equate "socialized medicine" with how things are done in Canada, but you might want to check out the following article:

It's a summary of some research done by OECD. While it might be tempting to toss out a report based on the fact that it comes from the OECD (and I'm not saying you are!), the summary is quite revealing and worthwhile reading, in my opinion.

James, I read through much of your blog, and you write well and appear to have reasoned and informed opinions. I enjoyed reading it, even if there were things I didn't agree with.

Congrats on the baby.